Student’s Days
The „Student’s Days” in Keszthely are organized and held every spring at the Georgikon Faculty. During these days student teams are contesting with each other in intellectual-, sport- and other funny competitions. They make comic films, plays and a parade through the streets of the town. Professors are also involved to these programs. In the nights there are different concerts and parties. The stake is serious: who gain the honouring title of „Primus Magister” and „Főpraxi”, who will play an important role in the next academic year on the events, celebrations and in the everyday life of the Keszthely campus.
The word “Sárgulás” means “Ripening or Growing ripe” and this is the greatest and most spectacular event in the life of the Keszthely Campus. According to the meaning of this word it is the traditional farewell ceremony of the seniors, the graduating students. After the rowing competition between the two campuses they say goodbye not only for the university but also for the town. They say goodbye in the last evening of the semester with a long walk through the streets in old Hungarian costumes, carrying torches in their hands and the next day they dance the wonderful “Palotás”, a splendid Hungarian dance in the courtyard of the Festetics castle in the presence of many visitors.


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