:)Free time, culture, sports life in keszthely

Free time, culture, sports life in keszthely

The places for cultural events at the Keszthely campus:

Building D Conference room

The room with a demanding performance is technically well-equipped (machine for interpretation, amplification system, projector, screen for projection), has good acoustics and 200 seats. Principally, the room hosts conferences and scientific events, but it is suitable for organising cultural events, as film projections.

Bexi Club

Bexi Club, which functions on the area of the hall of residence, has a stage with 4×8 meters surface, curtains and it is equipped with 200 mobile chairs. It has several functions as: it is one of the main locations for students' events (Georgikon Marathon, Student Days, concerts), and it is also the regular place for the social and student night life, as well as for the weekly organised disco. The buffet of the Club is also open on weekdays.

Xiros Club

The Club, in the cellar of building A, is for 60-70 persons. It is a rustic furnished place, which is suitable for private events (class meetings, report of experiences, Agronomist Club, vine vespers, vine tasters and so on).

5th lecture hall

Due to the extended number of students, the faculty's former assembly hall functions as a lecture hall during the academic year. Its mobile furnishing enables the place to host faculty events, balls (Bulek Ball, Sárgulás Ball) and conferences.

Students' centre

The easily accessible building, situated close to the Faculty's Pethe Ferenc residence hall, is a home for the activity groups. In the rooms, it is possible to use the computers and the internet free of charge. Separate rooms are available for the activities of the activity groups (dance rehearsals, film projections, lectures, literature evenings etc).

Other possibilities

The Georgikon Faculty has a traditionally good relation with the cultural institutions of Keszthely, namely with the Balaton Congress Centre and Theatre, the Helikon Castle Museum, the Georgikon Croft Museum, the Balaton Museum and the Goldmark Károly Cultural Centre. Our students can visit these institutions with preferences, which can actively participate in the vital cultural life of the town.

Activity groups, clubs:

Georgikon Folk Dance Association

The predecessor of the association was the group which performed in 1815, when the English traveller, Richard Bright visited the ancient Georgikon. The present association was formed in the autumn of 1957 from the students and lecturers of the faculty. Therefore, it celebrated its 40th anniversary together with the 200-year-old Georgikon. The team counts 40 members. The number of its performances is in the neighbourhood of 400. The team travelled to almost every European country during their appearances. Its standard is proved by the numerous appearances on TV. Some details from the repertoire: dances from the South of the Great Plain, Dances from Székelyland, dances from Szatmár-Bereg, dances from Szatmár, South-Hungarian jumping dance, dances from Kalotaszeg, dances from Keménytelek, dances from the Mezőség, dances from Kalocsa.

The Georgikon Folk Dance Association won the "Excellent Team" title three times; therefore it gained the title of "Permanent Excellent Team". The regular companion of the high-level team was the Guzsaly Folkmusic Band, previously known all over the country, which gained a gold grade in the qualification procedure. Now the team is independent, but its accompanying band is the Tátorján Folkmusic Band, formed from the Guzsaly Band.

Agronomist Club

Traditionally, the club is organised by students in the 5th year. The permanent haunt is the Xiros Club. Lecturers and researchers regularly take part in these gatherings. During their lectures, they report on their professional activities, experiences and observations of their private travels. After the lectures, the program continues with pleasant conversations, music and dancing.

Sport activities

The Georgikon Student Sport Association was founded in 1990.

The aim of its foundation was to offer possibilities for students to compete in the different sport club sections.

The specialised physical education ensures regular training possibilities for students in the following branch of sports: horse riding, athletics, basketball and handball for men and women, football, volleyball, tennis, aikido, kick-box, kyokushin karate, folk dance, recreation, table tennis, fencing, archery, aerobic, social dance, rowing.


The accentuated sport event is the Balaton Regatta Rowing Competition, organised annually from 1999. The rowing teams of the students, lecturers and employees of the university compete in revolving locations, either in Balatonalmádi or in Keszthely. The sports relations in more branches of sports are enhanced by the annually organised sport meeting of students and employees.

Our students successfully take part in sport competitions on a university, regional and national level.

For practicing the free time sports activities, the Faculty has its own water sport base, riding-school, tennis pitch, football pitch and athletics field.

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