:)Entertainment in Keszthely

Entertainment in Keszthely

Several museums are open for interested visitors in Keszthely. They are providing permanent and temporary exhibitions about the history, arts and agriculture of Keszthely and the surrounding places and focusing especially to the Lake Balaton, which has been playing a very important role in the life of this region, and the every-day life of the people for ages. Most important museums are: Balaton Museum, Georgikon Museum and Agricultural Park, Marzipan Museum, Hunting and Game Museum, exhibitions 
of Festetics Castle.
Georgikon Museum of Agriculture and Old Farm
In.1797,.Count.György.Festetics.established.the.first.college.in.the.filed.of.agriculture.in. Europe. It has been developing for more than 200 years and has served always as an institute for educating agronomists and has become the Georgikon Faculty for today. Its old buildings are operating now as a museum, with an interesting and 
valuable collection of the Hungarian agriculture and folk life.
Festetics Castle
The most known and spectacular sight in Keszthely is the baroque Castle built by the Festetics family during the 19th century. The castle is in very good condition and operates as a cultural centre of the region. There is a permanent exhibition presenting the every-day life of the Hungarian noble families in the 19th century. In addition, they organize temporary exhibitions and several events, for example the open-air theatre in the summer. The castle has a beautiful garden and also a coach museum having an impressive collection.
Church and cloister on the Main Square
One of the most beautiful points in Keszthely is the Main Square not really far from the Market and the Walking Street of the town. Here stands the gothic church with its high tower and the former Franciscan cloister. The tower was built in the 19th century and it is surrounded by ruins and relics of the medieval times and the era of the Turkish occupation in Hungary.
Lake Balaton
Keszthely, said to be the capital of the Lake Balaton, has always been a popular summer resort for Hungarians and also for other nations. The most beautiful lido, the Island–bath, is the largest one, which was restored few years ago and it has managed to retain its classic atmosphere. The lido is connected to the Old Port with a lovely promenade on the lakeshore. This harbour was built in 1846 and had the.first.steam.boat.of.the. lake. Besides this, the town also has a modern and new Yacht Port and it is still possible to make trips in the Balaton and visit fabulous villages like Szigliget or Balatongyörök.
The strictly protected water world of Kis-Balaton belongs to a unique National Park. Rare bird species and other animals can be observed here and it has some pathways and an educational centre in order to display the history and wildlife of this area.
Only about 6 km from Keszthely is located Hévíz, one of the most famous little towns of Hungary. Here can be seen Europe’s largest natural medicinal lake. The temperature of the water is always between 23°C and 35°C, even in the frosty winter. Count György Festetics.established.here.the.first.spa.in.1795.as.the.water.is.especially.suitable.for.the. treatments of several diseases like rheumatic problems. The place still gives excellent wellness opportunities to relax and cure ourselves and really popular for tourists from all over Europe.


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