:)Education in Georgikon

Education in Georgikon

The Georgikon could always provide its graduate students with thorough and modern knowledge, and let them go with the love of the profession, enduring memories and ethical poise. The favourable conditions and high standards of education, the youth-friendly approach of teachers, the cosy atmosphere of Keszthely all guarantee that the university years will mean our students the most beautiful period of their youth.

The Georgikon has always focused on the quality of education and practical training adjusted according to the changing environment. This may be the reason why those having graduated in Keszthely are successful not only on agricultural fields, but also as teachers, researchers, bank professionals, advisors, traders and in many other professions.

It is also to be noted that, as we are a small organization, students and teachers still know each other, and student communities tend to develop. This is of great importance amongst the present economical conditions, as the family-like environment gives us the chance to help our students and teachers in the most difficult situations of their lives.

The quality of the staff is another important aspect. Our professors are in Keszthely not only during the week, but they live her from Monday to Sunday. They not only turn up from time to time, but really deal with the students and involve the most talented ones in their own research activities as well. This is not only important from the point of view of our good positions in several rankings, but also because a university is made to be a university by its staff of teachers and professors. This provides the guarantee for our students to become agricultural engineers with marketable knowledge in a couple of years.

Several BSc, MSc, PhD and further education courses as well as advanced vocational training are available at Georgikon Faculty.

Foreign students may choose English and, in some fields, German courses.

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